We are an independent label from Berlin, Germany, which moves in the area of Gothic / EBM / Metal / Industrial and Rock music, but is also open to other styles. Since we all come from the music scene, we have a certain basic affinity to bands from the above genres.

Our label was founded in 2016 as an extension of our field of activity (Anubis Artist Service – management, booking, promotion), but our employees all bring many years of experience in the music business, which flows into the label. Through our uncomplicated distribution contracts, which are limited to one album, we can offer young bands a platform to present themselves on the market in the best possible way, without being tied to a label for years. They can, but don’t have to, sign with another label with the next album.

Then in January 2022 we got a new addition to the label family. Tuomas Vuorio from Finland and Jamie Hembree from USA will support Blood Rite Records in the A&R area. This will give us the opportunity to expand International and increase our field of activity.