Name: Sidewalk Mafia
Genre: Crushing Metal Experience
Origin: Finland
Label: Blood Rite Records
Distribution: Ingrooves
Upcoming release: single “Paranoia” / 04.02.2022
Releases: Single “Cruel Sacrifices” / 11/19/2021, EP “Rotten Apples” / 03/19/2021, Single “This Frozen Paradise” / January 2021.

Sidewalk Mafia describe themselves as a “crushing metal experience.” Sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it’s fast, but in the end it’s all about emotion and attitude.

They cross conventional boundaries of metal with their crossover. They find their own style, which has a high recognition value despite everything in the harder music track. Hard guitar riffs meet driving drumlines and in the end a pinch of madness is added.

Tommy Parole – vocals, guitar
Johannes Wolfpath – drums, vocals