Name: Sector
Genre: Industrial Metal
Origin: Germany
Label: Blood Rite Rec.
Distribution: Rough Trade / Ingroove
Releases: Album “Digital Voodoo” / 2018, EP “Observation” / 2015.

Hard-hitting industrial metal with a portion of electro – and that without verbal abstinence: that’s SECTOR.

Inspired by bands like Ministry and Rammstein, the Hamburg band mixes insane metal riffs and archaic force with gun salvos, sirens, machine noise and hypnotic synths. Sustained electro sequences meet merciless, brutal walls of guitars. Angry vocals drill their fingers mercilessly into the wounds of society. This is how the infernal echo of the uncertain future is created.

“In summary – you suck” – basic canon from the very beginning. Guitarist and composer Jannik put together a troupe of Hamburg guys in 2012, who bundled their frustration in a rousing way. The sound was right. Finding the right voice for this sound proved to be a test of patience. It took until April 2013, but it was worth the wait. Nils was a perfect fit for SECTOR.

The first gigs followed at the beginning of 2014. Stage goal number one: SECTOR played their way from a standing start into the North German final of the EMERGENZA competition.

On February 7, 2015 they started the Observation Tour. The EP of the same name was released on May 4. Sector successfully drew attention to themselves. On October 30, they played with Sub Dub Micromachine and Mambo Kurt on the MS Stubnitz as part of the floating W:O:A Warm Up Party.

In summer 2016 they played festival gigs with a set of fresh songs and new show. This was followed in September by the release of the live video “Voices”, recorded on the Wasteland Stage at Wacken Open Air. The long-awaited album “Digital Voodoo” was released in 2018 and thrilled mercilessly.